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My Journey...

...began in my 30s when I began to notice of how much I was experiencing mood swings and fatigue. My assumption was this might be normal, my hormones are changing, it’s what happens, doesn’t everyone suffer from PMS to some extent? Although, my symptoms seemed to be getting worse as the years went on, most things I tried like going to the gym, eating healthier food (with the knowledge I had at the time) and reading self-help books, nothing really gave me the relief I was looking for. 

Life has it’s ups and downs, however this was a challenging time for me. My moods were beginning to affect my work, personal relationships, my energy was very low, my ability to cope with stress was massively reduced, I didn’t sleep well and my head was fuzzy at times.

Antidepressants was recommended to me after a couple of visits to the GP but this was not an option I wanted to try at the time.  I went on to explore other options, trying to fix my problems on google but I did not realise the extent of my hormonal imbalances and food intolerances.

It was only when I saw a Nutritional Therapist, I realised I was experiencing gut dysbiosis (an imbalance within the gut microbiome that can lead to multiple conditions) …It was this action which motivated me to study for a profession in Nutrition.

My journey now is one of greater awareness and understanding about nutrition and lifestyle medicine and what we all need to help regain lost vitality. With the experience and education, I have gained over the years, I want to share this wisdom with my clients in supporting them feel the best they can.

My journey: About
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